ASUS Smart Logon

ASUS Smart Logon

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Continuing with the tradition of breaking tradition, ASUS introduces a whole new way in which users logon to their computers-through facial recognition. The SmartLogon system detects the user's face and logs on without any intervention from the user. This system is designed to learn the variations of the user's facial features, and is capable of performing detection in different lighting conditions.

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  • Question: I recently downloaded Windows 10 and now the camera for the Smart logon program is imaging everything upside down. Is there a fix/patch for this or do you know how I can fix this?

    This is a problem with the settings of the application. Start the camera and then access its Settings. Most of the built-in cameras should have a setting related to Flip Vertically. Turn off or uncheck the option, and the camera should return to normal.

    I have also checked the support page provided by ASUS for this device, and Windows 10 isn't in the list which means the issue is caused by compatibility between the old version of Windows and the newer one.

    Support page:

  • Question: I installed this program, but I can set SmartLogon only for Administrators account. I would like to use it for other accounts also. Can you help?

    You will need to create a new account within Windows, then SmartLogon will have the dropdown for the other usernames. You will also need to take a few photos to get the user setup and recognised too. JStar.

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